Project Description


This is a practical alternative to foundation when you want to intensify the amber-coloured tones of the skin or, if applied after the foundation, you can create areas of shadow.
A microsphere powder mixture which captures and amplifies the light spreading it harmoniously all over the face, minimizing flaws and softening lines, with a light and very natural effect.
Its creamy binding agents avoid the formation of translucent bumps on its surface, which could alter the quality of the product, thus guaranteeing a smooth application and a beautiful coverage.
Even though it is pressed, it is quite friable and is easily applied with a brush.

code CC16



  • excellent coverage
  • easy to blend
  • light and long-lasting finish
  • easy to use

How to use

Apply it after the foundation, or apply directly on the face after priming the skin with a veil of face powder; use a powder puff or a soft brush, starting from the sides of the face and blending it towards the center.
Due to the amber colour it imparts to the skin, the bronzer should also be blended on the neck to avoid any unsightly colour contrast.