Project Description

3Dimensional Mascara per ciglia perfette


A creamy paste, rich in elasticizing elements which avoid the forming of unaesthetic clumps.
Its formula contains special setting substances which hold the intensity and brightness of the colour.
Perfect eyelashes, with an extraordinary tridimensional effect, thanks to the innovative 3-Dimensional Mascara coverCover.
Available in 3 formulations: “Extension”, “Maxi Volume” and “Waterproof”.

codice CC278

3D Extension Mascara

The new 3Dimensional Extension mascara gives the lashes a glamorous curve.
The special new-generation latex sponge applicator, super flexible, allows the optimal distribution of the product with a “tridimensional” lash-curving effect: the eyelashes become much longer and perfectly shaped.
The soft and creamy texture of the mascara makes it easy to comb the eyelashes, separating and lengthening them, often with a “fan” effect that is long-lasting but easy to remove.


  • creamy texture
  • luminous and light
  • defines and separates eyelashes, and lengthens them amazingly
  • long-lasting

3D Maxi Volume Mascara

The new 3Dimensional Maxivolume mascara provides perfect definition, and with the first application your eyelashes will look amazingly thick and long without additional applications, thus avoiding the “heavy” effect, and the look will be totally natural.
The special super-flexible latex sponge applicator makes it easy to apply the product without forming clumps.
Its revolutionary formula allow the pigment to be immediately released, and emphasize the effect.


  • adds volume and separates the eyelashes
  • long-lasting

3D Waterproof Mascara

The new 3Dimensional Waterproof mascara has an innovative formula, uniquely long-lasting!
It does not weigh down the eyelashes, rather it delicately delivers an intense colour that makes the lashes look thicker for several days.
The perfect synergy between the innovative applicator, the silicone ingredients with a high molecular weight, and the resins contained in the product create a highly flexible film that wraps around the lashes without flaking, without leaving stains or oily residue.
Impeccable lashes for as long as desired, lasting well beyond 24 hours and 100% stain-proof.


  • lightweight
  • perfect adherence
  • extraordinarily long-lasting

How to use

Apply it with a “zigzag” movement, from the roots of the eyelashes to the tips, distributing the right amount of product and combing the lashes with the wand orienting them in the wanted direction.
Let it dry and apply a second coat if necessary.


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