Project Description


Formulated with a modern technology using a special structural matrix that gives unique characteristics to the product; thanks to its various actions, it represents an extraordinary innovation in the makeup field. The compound contains pigments in high concentration, ultra-micronised to provide amazing colour, able to hide perfectly any skin problem: deep shadows, rosacea, acne, vitiligo, age spots, chloasma, angioma, scars and burns, varicose veins, tattoos. Does not clog pores and is non-comedogenic, it forms something like a “protective film” that prevents epidermal water loss, helping the skin to re-establish its natural hydro-lipidic balance; moreover, it provides total UVA-UVB sun protection.

It is fully waterproof and highly resistant to skin perspiration, therefore it can be used in very damp places or in situations which cause the skin to perspire. Its coverage and long lasting characteristics are among the main features which determine the quality of this type of product: it has to adhere perfectly during the application and has to maintain its integrity even under extreme conditions.

This preparation fully satisfies such requirements: several volunteers, between twenty-three and thirty-eight years of age, were treated with this cream and the results were evaluated with the help of a video-microscope after they were in a 50°C sauna bath for twenty minutes, and afterward were transferred to a room at ambient temperature for 30 minutes. The test demonstrated the excellent coverage and long lasting power of the camouflage cream, with no changes in its uniformity and consistency. The evaluation of the skin satisfaction index highlighted a high sensorial comfort level. The extraordinary qualities of this product and its versatility make it particularly indicated for professional makeup use, but it can also fully satisfy the requirements of daily makeup.

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  • maximum coverage
  • stability over time
  • water repellent
  • consistent application
  • protective
  • very well tolerated by skin

How to use

Depending on the type of makeup you need to create (camouflage or a light makeup), the product can be applied following the appropriate application technique: as a concealer, apply it with the help of a brush on the areas to be corrected, and after it is applied blend it by tapping with your fingertips; as a foundation, apply it as you like and according with your habits: use the fingertips to obtain a soft and adherent result, or apply it with a foam rubber sponge to distribute the product evenly and fast and to contour the face achieving a highlight and shadow effect.
Set it with an amount of face powder proportionate to the amount of camouflage cream applied; wait a few minutes so that the face powder can be absorbed, then remove the surplus product with a soft brush; spray cold water all over the face and dry it by patting with tissue paper.