Project Description


This original formula is the result of a mix of ultra-fine powders that result in a stroke precise and even, perfectly blended, together with carrier oils which preserve the compound’s high elasticity for a long time; the pencil line conforms to skin movements, thanks to its structure consisting of extensible meshes.
The ingredients also include precious waxes, appropriately treated, which give  the product a soft and gentle texture unexpectedly resistant to high temperatures and adaptable to wet environments, making this pencil remarkably resistant to water and to skin perspiration.

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  • thermo-resistant
  • long-lasting
  • intense, precise lines
  • easy to blend
  • water resistant
  • gliding application
  • very well tolerated by skin

How to use

To make the eyes look more intense: outline the eyelashes and blend with a small “cat’s tongue” brush, flat or tubular, to achieve a more natural, blended effect.
To correct the eyebrows, use a brown pencil to draw small strokes, imitating the appearance of hairs.