Project Description


It strongly underlines your gaze with an intense and precise line.
Thanks to its emollient characteristics it is perfectly tolerated and does not cause irritation.
Its compact and flexible texture, made of extensible meshes, allows it to follow the eyelids’ movement, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the line.
Special pigments enhance the colour, accentuating the expressiveness of the eyes.
It is water soluble and can be diluted to obtain lighter tones.
It has a comfortable grip and a soft felt applicator which facilitates the application, making it possible to trace fine, precise lines.

code CC07


  • soft and flexible
  • intense, precise lines
  • long-lasting
  • water soluble
  • very well tolerated by skin

How to use

It may be applied using the applicator provided or with a thin painter’s sable brush.
Place the applicator at the base of the eyelashes, tracing a continuous line to the outer corner of the eye.