Project Description


Especially intense hues with a soft texture that is also very adherent, super-hydrating and amazingly comfortable!
The colour is very concentrated. The special texture, soft and ultra-gentle, is combined with extraordinarily intense colour.
In the production cycle, the pigments are especially ground using leading-edge technology, optimizing the colour properties and safeguarding the characteristics that make this lipstick intense, glossy and long-lasting.
Thanks to oils with highly emollient properties, the lipstick protects lips from atmospheric agents avoiding the unpleasant feeling of dry lips.
The combined action of vitamin E and the extract of Equisetum combats the effect of free radicals, preventing the dehydration of the mucosa and the appearance of small wrinkles and chapped lips.
The addition of Candelilla wax forms a water-repellent film that reduces the loss of water by the surface layer, preserving the turgor and smoothness of the lips.
Day after day this exceptional preparation, a true beauty treatment, restores to the lips the splendor of full youth!

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  • light and creamy
  • highly pigmented
  • uniform appearance and intensity
  • long lasting
  • very well tolerated
  • pleasant scent and taste

How to use

The correct way to make up lips begins with a light application of face powder.
With a lip pencil matching the lipstick colour, draw the lips’ contour and blend it with a lip brush; apply the lipstick – generally it should be a shade lighter than the lip pencil – pat with a tissue paper; complete the makeup by applying again the lipstick.

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