Project Description


Does not contain formaldehyde or toluene, thus ensuring the optimal protection of the nail bed.
The base is enriched with silica, a special binder that is involved in the synthesis of keratin and strengthens the bonding between the horny lamellae.
In the clear-blue shade, it has the same properties as the transparent base with the addition of a hint of colour which, when coated on the nail, counteracts the unpleasant appearance of fingernails yellowed by cigarette smoke (yellow is a “warm” colour with a luminosity index of 9, while blue is a “cold” colour with a luminosity index of 4. Therefore, blue is the opposite of yellow in terms of both luminosity and chromaticity).
The application of the base makes it easier to apply the colour, increasing considerably its hold on the nail and its brilliance.
Resistance to abrasion and chipping are the most important characteristic of coloured nail enamels; they spread uniformly and dry quickly.

code CC84



  • brightness
  • covering
  • resistant
  • fast drying
  • not damaging to the nail
  • flexible
  • non aggressivo

How to use

Shake well before using.
Apply evenly a light coat of the product, starting from the base of the fingernail, and allow it to dry for 50-60 seconds; to intensify the colour, apply a second coat.
Avoid prolonged exposure of the product to air or heat sources.

Stand and Display


This is a multifunction product, because it is useful as a base, top, strengthener and preventing nail-biting.
If applied before nail polish, it makes the polish last longer.
If applied after nail polish, it accentuates its brightness with an extraordinary glossy effect.
If used regularly on clean and dry nails, it protects brittle nails that exfoliate or chip easily.
Its rather bitter taste prevents nail biting.
In addition, it is enriched with a special additive derived from methionine, an amino acid that is part of the keratin chain of the nails. It is recommended for fragile fingernails that split or chip easily; when used regularly on clean, dry nails, it is an excellent protection against damaging agents.

code CC204


  • protects nails
  • resistant
  • fast drying

How to use

Shake well before using.
Starting from the base of the nail, apply evenly a light finishing coat and let it dry for few minutes.
For added strength, apply a second coat.