Project Description


Everything you need for your professional Soak Off.
Extra thin and long lasting for at least 3 weeks.
Easy to apply and removeable without filing.

Super Bond SOAK OFF CoverCover


A pH balancer and dehydrating agent, it is an acid-free adhesive. It blends perfectly with the natural nail surface preparing it for colour application.

code SKCC01

Base Coat SOAK OFF CoverCover


Remarkablyflexible, it adheres perfectly to the nail surface, becoming one with the nail. It aids adherence by creating a strong adhesive bond with the colour.

code SKCC02

Smalto Gel SOAK OFF CoverCover / CoverCover SOAK OOFF Colour


It expresses strong colour intensity right from the first coat and lasts perfectly for at least 3 weeks. Very fluid, can be easily applied and will not create a thick layer. No filing down needed for its removal: the colour is harmless to the nail and can be easily removed by wrapping the nail for a few minutes with a gauze or cotton puff soaked with a special solvent.

code SKCC100


Top Coat SOAK OFF CoverCover


An extraordinary finishing coat that seals the enamel and stabilizes the colour, protecting it from fading or turning yellowish. It can be applied as a finish, as a single coat, to create a long-lasting glossy effect and enhance the shimmer of its pigments.

code SKCC03

Cuticle Oil SOAK OFF CoverCover


It is extraordinarily rich in vegetable extracts with highly emollient characteristics; it is particularly indicated for moisturising and imparting a fresh healthy appearance to the treated cuticles.

code SKCC04

Super Cleanser SOAK OFF CoverCover


Super degreasing lotion. It removes residues and the dispersion layer, avoiding streaking and/or dull areas.

code SKCC07

SOAK OFF Remover CoverCover


This solution contains less nail varnish remover and more solvents with molecular structures
that quickly react with the air, permitting an overall reduction of the time needed for removal.
Conditioning agents that prevent skin-drying problems around the nail have been added during preparation.
It has antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

code SKCC08


After having worked on the cuticle and nail bed with a pusher, file and buffer, apply Super Bond on the entire nail. Will dry in 3-5 seconds.
Apply a thin layer of Base Coat right to the free edge. Polymerize with an LED or UV lamp, then spread any dispersion layer with a dry and clean special brush.
Apply a thin layer of Nail Lacquer Gel Soak Off from the cuticle to the tip.
Polymerize with an LED or UV lamp twice (colour application and polymerization).
Repeat the procedure for the second coat of colour.

DO NOT try to increase the coverage by applying too much colour;
DO NOT increase the amount: remove any excess from the brush before the first application.
The second coat of colour should be equally thin.

Applicare uno strato sottile di Top Coat dalla base dell’unghia al bordo libero evitando di toccare le cuticole. Polimerizzare con lampada LED o UV.
Wet a cotton pad with Super Cleanser and rub the nail lightly until the dispersion layer has been completely removed.
Avoid using the same cotton pad on all fingers (could cause the re-distribution of the already-removed extra varnish).
Applicare Cuticle Oil e massaggiare per ammorbidire le cuticole.
a) Opacify nail with buffer file.
b) Wet a cotton pad with some drops of Remover; Wrap around nail and cover with aluminium foil.
Let rest for approx. 10 mins.
c) Exert light, circular movements on nail, before removing it from the fingers and continue with
removal by using an orange stick.
d) With a fine-grained file remove remaining residue.
Time needed for polymerization is approximately 30 seconds if using a LED light, and 2 minutes with a UV light; extra time is needed for dark colours.
Time for polymerization may be longer when using a UV lamp with less than 36 watts; in order to obtain maximum efficiency from the UV lamp, replace light bulbs regularly.